According to an eMarketer report, total digital ad spending in the US will surpass total TV ad spending in 2017. Digital marketing has already established itself as the fastest growing advertisement industry – it will grow 15.4% this year compared to TV which will only do 2.5%. It’s easy to see why Digital ad is […]

While many may describe the phenomenon as a specter haunting the world of marketing, do not let that get you down. Business is ever-evolving, as it changes form and keep on adding new dimensions. One of these new dimensions which gained a lot of reputation in 2014 goes by the name “Native Advertising”. Although a […]

While most of startups do know the importance of creating valuable content, a majority of them have a hard time to devise a content strategy that works.Creating great content and taking advantage of that content does require a lot of attention and practice, which most of the startups cannot afford.