7 Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing : What, When, How and Where ? Get the answers of the basic questions about content marketing before jumping into developing content strategy for your brands

Content marketing is starting to have a dramatic impact on both large and small scale businesses. With that said, content marketing is changing the way businesses approach their target audiences. In short, it’s basically a form of marketing that promotes your brand through different types of content. Although this is a thriving topic among all kinds of businesses, many still struggles to find where to start. In this post we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about content marketing. Knowing these answers are essential for finding success with digital marketing.

  1. What makes content marketing so important?

 “Content is King”, if you’re in the digital marketing landscape you may have heard this phrase at some point in your career. Creating useful and relevant content for your business is a great way to engage with your target audience and provide them with expert knowledge to guide them during their buying process for any product or services. By giving valuable information to your customers, content marketing can develop trust in your business from the very start.

  1. Who should you be targeting? And how?

 This is perhaps the first and the most crucial steps you’ll need to take in order to make great, relevant contents for your business. Determining your audience is key, and in order to do that, try answering these questions; who wants your product or services? What do they want but are not getting? What’s their locations, behaviour, interest and their motivation? answering these questions may be a bit difficult since there will be different answers to each and every business. If you have never built an audience before, Quicksrpout has a great infographic to guide you on how to build an audience.

  1. How does content marketing help developing a brand voice?

 Brand voice is how your company expresses itself. Failing to do so, you could end up confusing even the most loyal customers. It’s worth thinking about the overall style or tone of the content you create, and the constantly apply it to your contents. Keeping a consistent tone is considered to be a crucial aspect of content marketing. 

  1. How much content should you create?

 Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question as it can vary from business to business depending on its shape and size, but you may need to keep producing content as often as possible. A brand needs to keep producing quality content in order to establish trust in their readership. You can start by taking a structured look at your audience, how they engage with your contents, how much they share, return visits, etc. See what pieces of content are compelling to your target audience and then double down on what works.

  1. What type of content should you be making?

The answer is “it depends”. Web content comes in many different forms such as articls, ebooks, guides, infographs, podcasts, etc. Each type of content have their pros and cons. Depending on your industry, you’ll need to create the “type” of content that will be the best fit  for your business and the audience you want to engage.

  1. Where to get content topic ideas and inspiration?

 Constantly developing new content can be a bit tricky as you’re constantly expected to come up with new topic ideas. And since you’ll be producing content for a long time and or if you are committed to producing content on a daily basis, how do you make sure that you don’t run out of great content ideas? Here’s some tips to make sure you don’t run out of content ideas:

  • Look at blogs you personally enjoy on a regular basis.
  • Always take notes whenever a new idea pops up.
  • Brainstorm new topics.
  • See what your competitors are talking about.
  • See if there’s any frequently asked questions from your customers.
  1. Is it sustainable for the future and is it worth investing? 

 It’s a straight “Yes”. Content marketing has gone mainstream now, and the future of content marketing will continue to evolve. Robert Rose, Chief strategist for the content marketing institute says the following:

“In the short term (the next 3 to 5 years) the future of content marketing is in the ability for businesses to build an organization that enables constant and agile transformation and the ability to continually create differentiated content experiences for their consumers. Simultaneously, content filtering through social networks and algorithmic optimization of content delivery will become much more prevalent for most consumers and businesses. These two trends will require a fundamental restructuring of the way most businesses (and not just the marketing department within them) operate.” he continued

“In the long term (the next 5-10 years) as the lines between paid, earned and owned media blur substantially, most companies will turn to content and physical experiences as their differentiated ability, rather than product development or scale. Certainly product innovation will remain an early point of competitiveness, but the decay time for that will shorten substantially. Successful businesses will center their differentiation on their ability to compete for consumer loyalty using content strategies to power it.  And at that point what used to be called “content marketing” may just be called ‘marketing.’”